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Indonesia Museum of Health and Medicine (iMuseum) is the first museum that provide the information about the history of medical education and public health for the society. Various collections of iMuseum including the artefacts of former medical education and medical specimen.


Standard checks for protein expression in patient biopsy samples, The panel can provide information about protein localization and its distribution to normal cells and cancer cells

Health Risk Assesment

Innovation practice contributes to economic development by fostering the development of new markets and the improvement of existing markets. This applied industries require large numbers of qualified workers to process raw materials and to operate machinery and other processes.

Body Composition Measurement

Measurement of body composition determines how much our body is made of fat and fat-free mass.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for Medical Students

Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis

Predicting sperm DNA fragmentation by FACS scan, Development of male contraception: hormonal, herbal and post-testicular, Pathogenesis of male infertility

Tracer Study Consultation

The challenge of globalization, Tracking and recording graduates data, Evaluation of the learning process