Key Process

IMERI has value propositions to provide cutting edge medical science and technology, characterized by academic ambience and excellence that will impact society. The channels and customer relationship programs will utilize the advancement of ICT technology and digital mass media. IMERI has competitive advantage in terms of expertise, high-end laboratory and international partners. Each cluster of innovation has its unique market positioning, supporting by recognized experts and distinguished facilities and become a largely self supporting unit in the foreseeable future.


IMERI function as a high quality research center that provide ample ‘community-catalyzing spaces’ for scientist, foster and support convergent series of thematic research programs in medical education and biomedical sciences by the formation of truly multidisciplinary groups of scientists. Output of both research and education will be publications, policy papers, health protocols and products. Good quality research and good quality education as the key factors for self sustained IMERI in the future. Innovative and patentable product/services that produced by all innovations cluster should be feasible to market without losing the scientific grounds and have significant impact to health status of the society.