Center Of e-Learning

Develop and provide open content and open course in medical and health fields. The Center also develops high quality distance learning program and online courses, which are accessible from various different places. The center conducts research related to e-learning and current trends in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). In collaboration with Digital Library Knowledge Center and Medical Technology Cluster, the cluster is currently developing a research program on technology-enhanced learning specifically for undergraduate medical education. Other research focus is coping with information overload and technology innovation.

On Going Activities

Developing e-learning modules for nationwide utilization

  • Herbal medicine module.
  • Medical Content Biostatistics Course.
  • Family Medicine and Primary Care Training.

Establishing and maintaining tele-education networks

  • Indonesian Gastroenterologist Endoscopy Telemedicine Group.
  • Indonesian Neurology Telemedicine Group.

Create open content materials.

Provide guidance services for the development of open content and open courses using e-learning.



  • SEAMOLEC (South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Centre).
    Telemedicine Development Center (TEMDEC-Asia).