Auditorium is located on the 3rd floor IMERI FKUI. The auditorium can be reached by an elevator either from the Tower Research or Tower Education IMERI FKUI. This room has 3 parts namely Auditorium 1, Auditorium 2, and Auditorium 3. Auditorium 1 has an area of 202 m2. Auditorium 2 has a wider size than Auditorium 1, which is 208 m2. While the Auditorium 3 has an area of 110 m2. Auditorium 1 and Auditorium 2 have a capacity of 180 seats each with a theater layout.

While the Auditorium 3 has a capacity of 80 seats with a theater layout. The Auditorium can be used for seminars, workshops, lectures or other general activities. However, until now the Auditorium cannot be used for the wedding ceremony.Auditorium rental is complete with Infocus and audio microphone. You can also get additional services such as Samsung TVs, LEDs, laptops, function halls, tables and chairs.Use of the Auditorium can be used both on weekdays and holidays.

Use on workdays of more than 8 hours plus fees for room attendants such as cleaning services, equipment for security personnel, HSE, and technicians. While the use of the Auditorium is on holidays, it is not included with room attendant fees such as cleaning service, equipment for security personnel, HSE, and technicians.