IMuseum Has Seven Main Areas:

1.  iMuseum Lobby.
This area provides information about DNA and its role in inheritance across generations. This also explains why we resemble our parents.

2.  Medical Education Journey in Indonesia.
This area provides information about the timeline of medical education journey in Indonesia, starting from the era of Dutch colonialism, Japanese colonialism until the era of post independence day of Indonesia.

3.  Health Education Area.
This area provides information about the human life cycle, complemented with multimedia and interactive models to enhance understanding of health, both normal and pathological conditions. You can also try our empathy belly collection here and see the real organs.

4.  Edutainment Area.
Specialized for children, this area provides brief information about the human body and tips for maintaining personal hygiene. It is complemented with a variety of interactive and interesting educational games.

5.  Display Windows Area.
Located outside the museum, this area exhibits artifacts that were used in the past medical school, including learning tools, laboratory equipment, and surgical tools.

6.  Medical Collection Area.
This area provides the anatomical specimen collections, both normal and pathological conditions. Complemented with a 3D anatomy visualization table, the SECTRA table, this area is also utilized for medical education and practice. This area is restricted and can only be visited by group. For further information, please contact us.

7.  iMuseum Merchandise Store (iMerch).
Find interesting iMuseum merchandise here!

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