Human Cancer

Conducts research on diagnostic, risk factors, and treatment at the level of tissue, cellular, molecular and proteomics. Curently, there are three research focuses, namely breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and lymphoid and endocrine malignancies.

On Going Research

  • The Development of Cancer Cell Primary Cultures (from Ovarian, Breast, Lung and Colorectal Cancer Cell).
  • Immunohistochemistry Profile from Lung Cancer.
  • Clinicopathologycal Profile of B Cell Non-
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma (Marginal Zone and Mantle Cell Type) at FKUI/RSCM.
  • The Development of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cell.
  • Colorectal Cancer Stem Cell And Its Immunotherapy.


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  • Samsung Medical Center.
  • LITBANG Ministry of Health.
  • Leiden University of Medical Centre and Tsukuba
  • University via FKUI.
  • Female Cancer Program.