Research Strategy

IMERI will prioritize convergent research in medical education and biomedical sciences, i.e. have a thematic, problem-based approaches addressing complex issues in medical education,  health and disease that are highly relevant to Indonesian society and beyond, by the formation of truly multidisciplinary groups of scientists, probably including scientists from outside FKUI, from outside UI and even from outside Indonesia. Such convergent groups are to be given the space and support of IMERI to address their complex scientific challenges for multiple years, such that they can become centers of excellence. Talented scientist will converge in IMERI, and become mature scientist under inspiring leadership. To cope with global requirements but still addressing the local needs IMERI have determined.
Three major theme’s of research in Medical Education of IMERI:
(1) Technology-enhanced teaching and learning method;
(2) Faculty development and professionalism;
(3) Inter-professional education and collaborative practice.
Two major theme’s of research in Medical Science of IMERI :
(1) Tropical Urban Living : growing up and growing old healthy,
(2) Emerging and re-emerging infections in the Indonesian archipelago.

Several specific actions need to be taken for implementing IMERI’s thematic research strategy. Each of relevant actions will further operationalization into SMART-ly formulated goals for the coming years.