The Molecular Biology and Proteomics Core Facilities (MBPCF)

Provide molecular biology and proteomics equipment and services that are of critical relevance in biomedical science. MBPCF provide research facilities and services of sample analysis (from sample preparation up to data analysis) and consultation. The core facilities have professional equipment and advanced technology platforms, which include oligonucleotide synthesis, protein characterization system, ultra centrifuge (up to 65000 rpm). The cluster organize training program in molecular biology and proteomics analysis for individual and groups regularly. They also arrange research consultation involving expertise in genomics and proteomics study.


Our vision is becoming a laboratory center to contribute to improving the quality of life and better health services through research in the fields of molecular biology and proteomics.


Our mission is provide research services and facilities in the field of molecular biology and proteomics supported by competent experts, as well as establish research collaborations in the national and international scope.

Enhancing Testing Quality Through Laboratory Accreditation

Our laboratory has achieved accreditation from the Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) as a Testing Laboratory in accordance with the SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. This prestigious accreditation, designated as certificate number LP-1807-IDN, was officially granted on June 7, 2023, and is valid until June 6, 2028.

This accreditation ensures our commitment to maintain high-quality standards and demonstrate its competence in conducting analysis sample activities. The scope of accredited services includes the isolation of total RNA, quantification of total RNA concentration, and analysis of the relative expression levels of mRNA. These analyses are performed on various sample types, including blood samples, tissues, and cultured cells. As the front gate of IMERI, we offer researchers from around Indonesia to utilize these accredited research services and facilities to develop innovation and to be recognized globally in medical research communities. Read More


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