• Standard checks for protein expression in patient biopsy samples
  • The panel can provide information about protein localization and its distribution to normal cells and cancer cells
  • A right panel to confirm the molecular mechanism process in patients
  • Immunohistochemical staining methods that runs automatically can save research time


  • To help the researchers in conducting their research that related to immunohistochemistry
  • To help research and education institution to conduct research more quickly
  • To make the time of a research faster with automatic coloring
  • To conduct a research process with many samples (maximum 30 slides in one work)


Educational institution

  • To help students in conducting their research process more quickly and efficiently
  • To accommodate many research samples to be faster


  • To accommodate the internship program related to research
  • To provide research facilities in the FKUI’s environment for students who want to conduct research
  • To help accelerate research results that can be used for student publications

Study Program

  • To accommodate department research that related to immunohistochemistry
  • Be a facilitator for lecturer and student research
  • To accommodate process researches and accelerate its results for publication