Knowledge Management Center

The IMERI Knowledge Management Center cluster was established to answer the challenges in library and knowledge management. In addition, the Knowledge Management Center cluster also develops a data or knowledge management system and is a home for Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FM UI) and Indonesia Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) intellectual data. This system maintains and allows easy and open access to all types of digital science literacy content. In collaboration with the library of the FM UI, the digitization of library collections and e-library services is strengthened for greater convenience and access.

The IMERI Knowledge Management Center Cluster in collaboration with The IMERI Medical Technology Cluster, have developed a system for data/ knowledge archiving and management, namely IMERI Knowledge Center or iKnow in 2019, to be the home of various FM UI and IMERI intellectual data. The iKnow website is used to maintain a facilitates access to not only to publication in journal articles, but also to other digital scientific contents such as case reports, e-books, as well as video/audio recordings of FM UI staffs’ lectures and experts’ presentation in FM UI and IMERI scientific events. In addition to user friendly, iKnow can also be accessed independently (self-submission).Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia library

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