Welcome to our Bioethics Cluster, where we’re dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary research in applied ethics and bioethics while engaging the public in meaningful conversations on vital issues. Our four dynamic sub-divisions—Biomedical and Biotechnology Ethics, Biorepository Ethics, Applied Clinical Bioethics, and Educational Bioethics—address a diverse range of topics, including health technology and practices, to provide valuable insights for the medical research, education, and practice fields.


Every three months, we select a bioethical topic for intensive discussion and examination from diverse perspectives, and the result of the discussion is tested on the perspective of the general public. This inclusive approach enables us to develop comprehensive publications and policy recommendations that reflect a wide range of opinions and insights.

Planned Research

Our upcoming groundbreaking studies span from the ethical landscape of AI and data utilization in healthcare, through end-of-life decisions such as brain death, advance directives, and organ donation, to the implications of gene modification for disease prevention. We also explore the role of gender in medical practice, assess the impact of digital communication in healthcare, and balance the potential of revolutionary therapies such as embryonic stem cells with moral considerations. Join us in our mission to create a more ethically conscious and socially responsible future in the world of medicine and biotechnology, and together, we can make a difference.

Planned FGDs:

  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in medical services and research.
  • Ethics of brain death determination, advanced directives, and organ donation (big data and biobanks).
  • Ethics of gene modification for disease prevention.
  • Embryonic stem cells and regenerative medicine.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Ethics of clinical research, material transfer agreements health acceleration.Technology enhanced, metaverse.


  • dr. Pukovisa Prawiroharjo, Sp. N(K), PhD
  • dr. Febriani Endiyarti, SpTHT-KL
  • dr. Afifah P Handayani, MPH
  • Dr. dr. Anna Rozaliyani, Sp. P, M. Biomed
  • Dr. dr. Anggi Gayatri, Sp. FK
  • dr. Uti Nilam Sari, Msc
  • Dr. dra. Dwi Anita Suryandari M. Biomed
  • Dr. dr. Ade Firmansyah Sugiharto, Sp. FM (K)
  • dr. Yayi Dwina Billianti Susanto, M. Biomed, Sp. PA(K)
  • dr. Putu Melati Suci Kusuma, Sp. FM
  • Dr. med. dr. Nyityasmono Tri Nugroho, Sp. B. Subsp. BVE(K)
  • dr. Chintya Olivia Maurine Jasirwan, Sp. PD, KGEH, MARS, PhD
  • dr. Febriani Endiyarti, Sp. THT-KL
  • dr. Rineke Twistixa Arandita, Sp. N
  • dr. Nurfanida Librianty, Sp. P, FAPSR
  • dr. Made Ayu Mira Wiryaningsih, Sp. FM
  • dr. Rita Mustika, M. Epid
  • Dr. dr. Putri Dianita Ika Meilia, Sp. FM
  • dr. Oktavinda Safitry, Sp. FM, M. Pd. Ked