Webinar symposium was held with topic Rotavirus vaccination – from Research to Real World Implementation. The internal speaker of webinar symposium is Prof. Dr. Badriul Hegar, Ph.D, SpA (K) and the external speaker is Prof. Yhu Chering Huang Pediatriciant. The webinar was moderated by Dr. Diantha Soemantri, MMedEd, Ph.D.

The material presented by Professor Badriul Hegar is about the Burden of Diseases of Rotavirus, Burden of Diseases of Rotavirus, Prevention, and Recommendation. Diarrhea is Leading Underlying Causes of Death Indonesian Children aged 1-4 Years. Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe acute diarrhea in children throughout both developed and developing countries. The prevalence of Rotavirus is as high in many countries of South-East Asia included Indonesia. Rotavirus infection results in significant problems : direct medical, indirect and non-medical. Available vaccines have proved efficacious and of potentially impact on severe disease. There is evidence of confirming cost-effectiveness of routine Rotavirus vaccination.

Furthermore professor Yhu-Chering Huang, MD, PhD gave a presentation on New Update on Rotavirus vaccination research & impact on policy makers in developed countries. In his presentation he stated that Acute gastroenteritis still among the major causes of hospitalization in children < 5 years of age worldwide. With the increased uptake rate of rotavirus vaccine, rotavirus positive rate will be reduced gradually in the future years. Currently licensed rotavirus vaccines RV1 91,6 % vs RV5 97% provide protection against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis hospitalization among Taiwanese infants.