Marking the fourth year of IMERI contribution to create better healthcare and quality of life through disruptive innovation in medical education and research in Indonesia, IMERI held its fourth anniversary and virtual open house on Wednesday – July 28, 2021 with the grand theme of “A Year of Pandemic in Review, from IMERI for Indonesia” to highlight IMERI’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was held online like the previous anniversary to ensure the safety and health of everyone participating.

The event was started with a series of welcoming speech from dr. Dina Muktiarti, SpA(K) as the Chairman of the event, Prof. dr. Badriul Hegar, Ph.D., SpA(K) as the Director of IMERI, Prof. Dr. dr. H. Ari Fahrial Syam, Sp-PD-KGEH as the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, and drg. Nurtami Soedarsono, Ph.D., SpOF(K) as Universitas Indonesia’s Vice Rector of Research and Innovation. The welcoming speech later followed by two keynote speeches emphasizing this year’s theme delivered by :

1. Prof. Dr. dr. Ismail HD, Sp.OT(K) (Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering cluster IMERI) Research in Covid Era: What is the Role of Stem Cells in Management of Covid Patients?

2. dr. Ardi Findyartini, Ph.D (Medical Education Center IMERI) Education in the Middle of a Pandemic: A contribution from IMERI for Indonesia.

The first session ended with the launching of :

  1. Buku Sejarah Pembangunan IMERI.
  2. Pusat Maha Data Kesehatan IMERI-Idealab.
  3. Healthy Aging Module.
  4. Deteksi Dini dan Cepat Infeksi Dengue berbasis Protein NS-1.
  5. Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis

The second session was Public Webinar and Virtual Open House which were held simultaneously and the later was intended for future medical students and researchers interested in IMERI’s on-going research and program. The virtual open house welcomed participants to IMERI’s Research Clusters, Education Clusters and Core Facilities. While the Public Webinar had its own theme, Optimalisasi Kesehatan Anak di Masa Pandemi with lectures presented by :

1. dr. Nina Dwi Putri, SpA(K), MSc : Kiat Orang Tua Cerdas untuk Mencegah Infeksi COVID-19 pada Anak.

2. Dr. dr. Nani Cahyani Sudarsono, SpKO : Aktivitas Fisik yang Efektif untuk Anak di Masa Pandemi

3. dr. Fransiska Kaligis, SpKJ(K) : Menjaga Kesehatan Mental Anak dan Keluarga di Masa Pandemi

IMERI 4th Anniversary and Virtual Open House’s Commemoration and Keynote Speech session video :