To be a leading research institution in Medical Technology.

  • To provide professional experts and excellent facilities in supporting research, education/training, and community service in the field of Medical Technology (as IMERI Core Facility).
  • To develop novel knowledge and products which are useful and innovative as a link between technology and medicine through a structured program.
  • To facilitate the collaboration and partnership between Academic-Business-Government-Community in the field of Medical Technology.

Ongoing Research

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) and Neurofeedback (in collaboration with Neurology Department FKUI-RSCM).
Effects of Congenital Deafness on Brain Activity and Connectivity with Cochlear Implant Stimulation (in collaboration with Hannover Medical School).
Modulating Auditory Cortical Responses with Intracortical Microstimulation (in collaboration with Hannover Medical School).
Tele-CTG (Cardiotocography) (in Collaboration with Sehati and Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FMUI – RSCM).
Preparation of Bipotential Membrane Based On Adipose Tissue Derived-Extracellular Matrix and Hydroxyapatite (in collaboration with Stem Cell Research Cluster IMERI).

Projects for 2019 :
Preparation and evaluation of extracellular matrix scaffold from adipose tissue medical waste of Indonesia patients.
Generation and Evaluation of Fish Powder from Indonesia Marine Byproducts as Supplementary Food for Prevention of Stunting Amongst Indonesian Children.
Utilization of fishery waste for nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and tissue engineering.
Instrumentation of EASEPort NPWT (Effective, affordable, safe, easily handled, and portable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) (in collaboration with Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, FMUI – RSCM).
Preparation of bipotential membrane based on adipose tissue derived-extracellular matrix and hydroxyapatite (in collaboration with stem cell research cluster).
Development of post brain injury training tools using robot (in collaboration with Neurosurgery Department FKUI-RSCM and UNY Students).
The implementation of Neurofeedback as a stimulator and monitoring the development of brain regeneration.
Mechanical bed to prevent decubitus injuries.
Digitalization public awareness stroke in the community.
Effects of Congenital Deafness on Brain Activity and Connectivity with Cochlear Implant Stimulation (collaboration with Hannover Medical School).
Design and Implementation of Android-based Pure Tone Audiometer.
Design and Implementation of Free-Field Screening Audiometer for Infants.


Current collaboration with other research groups:
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia.
Neurology Department FKUI-RSCM.
Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia.
Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia.
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).
University Technology Malaysia.
Hannover Medical School (MHH), Germany.
Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT).
Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI).

Collaboration research with companies:
PT. Sanghiang Perkasa (Kalbe Sister Company).
PT. Martina Berto.
PT. Sehati Tele-CTG.