Human Reproductive, Fertility and Family Planning Research Center

Drug development cluster is a multidisciplinary research group originating from Faculty of Medicines Universitas Indonesia, collaborates into developing lead compounds as candidates of drugs. The search for the new drug candidate we use are through genomic and of non-genomic approach. Lead compounds tested can be obtained from medicinal plants or from the known synthetic compounds that will be tested for certain desired mechanism of actions. The testing of new drug candidates generally involves the testing of compounds to in vitro target, followed by animal models for the pharmacology and toxicity testing. Afterwards, clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients will be conducted to prove the efficacy and safety of the drug candidates.


Provide support in empowering academicians became a pioneer research in the field of reproduction in Indonesia.


Improving reproductive health services in Indonesia, both individual and population-based, by providing scientifically research-based. Improve and advance the field of human reproductive medicine through leadership in education, research, and innovative breakthrough.


  • dr. Andon Hestiantoro, Sp.OG (K)
  • Dr. dr. Muharam Natadisastra, Sp.OG (K)
  • dr. Kanadi Sumapraja, Sp.OG (K), M.Sc
  • Dr. dr. Budi Wiweko, Sp.OG (K)
  • dr. Gita Pratama, Sp.OG, M.RepSc
  • dr. Herbert Situmorang, Sp.OG
  • dr. Achmad Kemal Harzif, Sp.OG
  • dr. Mila Maidarti, Sp.OG
  • dr. Shanty Olivia Jasirwan, Sp.OG
  • dr. Aida Riyanti, Sp.OG
  • dr. Beeleonie. Sp.OG
  • dr. Yassin Yanuar MIB, Sp.OG
  • Dra. Eliza Mansyur
  • Trta Yuningsih, S.Kh
  • Endang Murdiningsih, B.Sc
  • drh. Siti Mariyam, M.Sidr.
  • dr. Dwiyanarsi Yusuf
  • Pritta Amelia Ifanolida, S.Si.
  • Kresna Mutia, S.Si.
  • Rahmi Utami, S.Si.
  • Oki Riayati



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