The museum will become a national referral medical museum, a place of learning and education in the field of health and medical sciences.

  • Documenting the history of medical education in Indonesia.
  • Save and preserve the historical record of medical education in Indonesia.
  • Provide continuous health information and education for the general public, medical society and health society.
  • Communicate the latest research and technological development in the field of health and medical sciences done by FMUI.
  • Utilize specimen collection of medical education to support the process of medical education study.

Ongoing Activities

Historical study of Indonesia’s medical education.
Specimen preservation technique.
Formulating Student Worksheet for student (elementary – high school) as supplementary when visiting iMuseum.


Museum of Anatomy-National University Singapore.
Leiden University Medical Center.




Anatomy Museum Catalog Appears in The 22nd Conference of International Association of Historians of Asia in Solo, Central Java, 2nd – 6th July 2012.Proceeding: 90th Anniversary of Salemba 6 and Diponegoro Sites 71, Publishing The Faculty.Proceedings of The Willem Bosch Commemoration.