One of the most active medical e-learning and telemedicine center in Asia by 2020.

Become a Center of excellence in Medical E-Learning and Telemedicine Centre, through:

  • Organizing certified medical e-learning modules or courses under collaboration with foremost global universities.
  • Organizing teleconference sessions involving experts from foremost global universities.
  • Establishing computer laboratory services for medical education and research that comply to ISO standard of services (9001 and 27001).
  • Organizing a center of medical education software development to gain potential patent product.Organizing certified e-learning training for lecturer and staft.
  • Conduct research related to e-learning, especially in the field of education in collaboration with medical education cluster and others.

Ongoing Activities

Developing e-learning modules for nationwide utilization
– Herbal medicine module.
– Medical Content Biostatistics Course.
– Family Medicine and Primary Care Training.

Establishing and maintaining tele-education networks
– Indonesian Gastroenterologist Endoscopy Telemedicine Group.
– Indonesian Neurology Telemedicine Group.

Create open content materials.

Provide guidance services for the development of open content and open courses using e-learning.

Supporting Unit

DPASDP UI – Directorate of Academic Development and Learning Resources
Universitas Indonesia


SEAMOLEC (South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Centre).
Telemedicine Development Center (TEMDEC-Asia).