Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering

“Research cluster that focused on the discovery and development of new drugs and herbal medicines. The main research  including: drug design, drug synthesis, bioinformatics, natural product chemistry, chemo bioassay, synthesis of material for incorporation process, transdermal drug delivery, and esthetic cosmetics”


To be the Mecca of adult stem cell and tissue engineering research that creates infinite experience for all.


  1. To be the Mecca of research in FKUI that constantly do interdisciplinary and integrated research in Stem Cell and tissue engineering in order to answer global health challenge.
  2. To facilitate research in Stem Cell and tissue engineering in dynamic and accountable atmosphere
  3. To build relation with another stem cell and tissue engineering center national or worldwide in order to increase scientific knowledge, technology, skill and service.
  4. Increasing human resource competency through continuous education and skill training


  • Dr. dr. Ismail HD, SpOT(K)
  • dr. Ahmad Aulia Jusuf, AHK, PhD
  • Prof. Dr. dr. Idrus Alwi, SpPD, K-KV, FINASIM,
  • Prof. dr. Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan, MS, PhD
  • dr. Ika Prasetya Wijaya, SpPD-KKV, FINASIM
  • Dr.dr. Renindra Ananda Aman, Sp.BS(K)
  • Dr.Yoga Yuniadi, SpJP (K), FIHA
  • Tri Kurniawati, S.Si
  • Dr. dr. Renindra Ananda Aman,SpBS
  • Dr. dr. Andri Lubis, SpOT(K)
  • Dr. dr. Ahmad Fauzi Kamal, SpOT(K)
  • Dr. dr. Rahyussalim, SpOT(K)
  • dr. Wahyu Widodo, Sp.OT



No Equipment
1 Analytical balance
2 Autoclaf
3 Bio Safet Cabinet type 2 (2 set)
4 Benchtop cooler
5 Centifuge refrigerator (fix & swing rotor)
6 Microcentrifuge
7 Minicentrifuge
8 CO2 incubator
9 Cell Counter
10 Cryopreservation system
11 Freezer -20 oC
12 Freezer -80 oC
13 Flow cytometer
14 Fume Hood
15 Heating Block
16 Homogenizer
17 Inverterd microscop
18 Liquid nitrogen tank
19 Vortex mixer
20 Microwave
21 Orbital shaker
22 Oven
23 Automatic pipettor
24 Pipet micro channel
25 pH meter
26 Refrigerator 4 oC
27 Stiring Hot plate
28 Sonicator

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