Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering

Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering hold an important role and promises in health sector, especially medical services. Due to its ability repair tissue and organs, stem cells provide new ways of treating terminal illnesses such as degenerative diseases, cancer, trauma, metabolic and congenital diseases which cannot be cured with conventional treatment.

Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering-Research Center (SCTE-RC) is in-charge of stem cells and tissue engineering development. SCTE-RC consists of integrated interdisciplinary GLP-grade research laboratories and house both clinician and researchers in the field of neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, immunology and regeneration, and skin and soft tissue.



To be Mecca of adult stem cells and tissue engineering which creates infinite experience for all.


  1. To answer global challenges in various areas of health cares, IMERI FKUI will be a leader of medical research center that actively conduct interdisciplinary and integrated researches of stem cells and tissue engineering.
  2. Conducting researches of stem cells and tissue engineering through dynamic and accountable management
  3. Fostering partnership with other research center of stem cells and tissue engineering in Indonesia and abroad, to improve scientific capabilities, technology, skills and services
  4. Increasing the competences of Indonesian human resources through continuous education and training



Chairman of Cluster : Dr. dr. Ismail HD, SpOT(K)
Vice Chairman of Cluster : dr. Ahmad Aulia J, AHK, PhD
Admin & Finance Manager : Trie Kurniawati, SSi
Admin & Finance Officer : Visityasari Dwi S, SKM
Laboratory Manager : Prof. dr. Jeanne AP, MS, PhD
Culture Lab Manager : dr. Radiana A, M.Biomed, PhD
Tissue Eng Lab Manager : Retno WN, STP, M.Eng, PhD
General Lab Manager : Evah Luviah, SSi, M.Biomed
Laboratory Officer : Wildan Mubarok, SSi, MSi
Research Collaborator Group Leader
Neuromusculoskletal Unit : Dr. dr. Rahyussalim, SpOT(K)
Tissue Engineering Unit : Dr. drg. Decky JI, MDSc
Endocrine Metabolic Unit : Prof. Dr. dr. Pradana S, SpPD-KEMD
Cardiovascular Unit : Prof. Dr. dr. Idrus A, SpPD-KKV
Skin & Soft Tissue Unit : Dr. Aditya W, SpBP-RE






No Equipment
1 Flowcytometer (BD FACSAria III)
2 Biosafety Cabinet Type II (BSC II) (2 sets)
3 Inverted Microscope
4 Fume Hood
5 CO2 Incubator
6 Cryopreservation System
7 Liquid Nitrogen Tank
8 Automated Cell Counter
9 Freezer -80°C
10 Freezer -20°C
11 Refrigerator 4°C
12 Centrifuge Refrigerated Fix & Swing Rotor
13 Microcentrifuge
14 Minicentrifuge
15 Analytical Balance
16 Benchtop Cooler
17 Heating Block
18 Homogenizer
19 Orbital Shaker
20 Stiring Hot Plate
21 Vortex Mixer
22 Sonicator
23 Automatic Pipettor
24 Pipet Multichannel
25 Pipet Micro (10-1000 µl)
26 pH Meter
27 Autoclave
28 Microwave
29 Oven






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