Occupational and Environmental Lab

In the process of making useful products for the market, industries require large numbers of qualified workers to process raw materials and to operate machinery and other processes. The use of technology in this sector can have negative effect on the workers especially when proper maintenance and use of technology are neglected. The workers may be exposed to a variety of chemical, biological, physical, physiological, and psychosocial hazards at work. For example, a wide range of industries utilize or manufacture products that may cause occupational respiratory allergies to their workers (e.g. flour dust and enzymes in the baking industries, animal allergens in laboratory facilities, paint industries, wood industries, detergent industries, etc.). While mining and construction industries have different exposures which may lead to lung diseases. Therefore, the need to control and detect adverse effects of working environment hazard is essential to prevent and protect workers from injury and disease. With the shortage of physician specialized in occupational and environmental medicine, the management from the workplace can achieve and maintain the safety measures by using outside institution in occupational and environmental health. Therefore, we propose to build a laboratory as the center of research in environmental and occupational health, which will be the first laboratory in this field nationwide.


International acknowledged laboratory and research center in Occupational and Environmental Health (WHO collaborative center)


  • Become a Center of excellence in Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory Examination and Research
  • Become a leading of Center of Education in Occupational and Environmental Health in Indonesia
  • Become a national referral resource for stakeholders in Occupational and Environmental Health


  • Providing Sevices in OEH lab
  • International dan Regional Networking in research and education in OEH
  • Collaborative Research with International Peer
  • Education and training in Occ. & Environmental Health
  • Advocacy Evidence Based Policy in Occ. & environmental Health
  • Continous Capacity Building


  • College of Medicine Catholic University of Korea, Seoul Korea
  • University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Fukuoka, Japan
  • National Institute of Occupational, Safety and Health, US
  • ALS, Malaysia
  • Consortium of Occupational Medicine Expert, The Netherlands
  • Central and Local Government Institutions


Chairman : Dr.dr. Dewi S Soemarko, MS, SpOk
Vice Chairman : dr. Nuri Purwito Adi, MSc, MKK, SpOk
Executive Manager : dr. Dewi Friska, MKK
Members/Experts :
  • Dr.dr. Astrid B.Sulistomo, MPH, SpOk
  • dr. Muchtaruddin Mansyur, MS, PhD,SpOk
  • Ambar W Roestam, SKM,MOH
  • Dr.dr.Fikry Effendi, MOH, SpOk
  • Dr.dr. A.Fauzi , SpOT(K)
  • Dr.dr. Rahayu Salim, SpOT(K)

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