Neuroscience and Brain Development

Neuroscience and Brain Development Research Center is established to meet the increasing needs of various cognitive impairment and mental disorder experienced by Indonesian people. The justification of such researches is the high prevalence of untreated cases especially those suffered by children and elderly. The presence of cognitive and mental disorders in childhood period will ultimately impair the development of child and therefore, when considered from greater perspective, will discourage the overall growth of a nation. In the mean time, the increased prevalence of cognitive and mental impairment in elderly, as a consequence of increased life expectancy, will cause severe disability in daily activity so that need high cost to care the person. This will eventually lead to a national burden to working age population. The presence of high quality research in area of neuroscience and brain development is expected to be able to boost the quality of health services in the same area of expertise.



  • To achieve a better cognitive function and mental capacity for Indonesian people through research activity and education program in Asia Pacific region
  • To be a World Class Neuroscience Research and Education Center


  • Creating Neuroscience Center in Indonesia to facilitate research activity and educational program for child, adult and elderly due to the brain development – activity – stimulation – rehabilitation ; including neuro-plasticity, genetic engineering and stem cell for repairing degenerative disease such as Alzheimer Disease, Autism, Parkinson Disease, PPD NOS, ADHD, Depression, Drug Dependence, Mind and Brain, Psychosomatic and other behavior problem related to brain development and dysfunction.
  • Doing collaboration research and program with Neuroscience Centre within Indonesia and Asia Pacific region (NUH, Sydney, Perth) and other part of the world (Berlin-Charite, Netherland Institute for Neuroscience (NIN), Max Planck Institute – the Science Bridge)
  • Develop education program to achieve better Cognitive and Behavior Function and Mental Capacity for child, adult and old age.


  • Dr. dr. Martina Wiwie S, SpKJ (K)
  • dr. Hartono Tjahjadi , SpPA
  • Dr. dr. Tjhin Wiguna, SpKJ(K)
  • dr. Affan Priyambodo Permana, SpBS
  • Dr. dr. Renindra Ananda, SpBS(K)
  • dr. M. Kurniawan, SpS
  • dr. Khamelia Malik, SpKJ
  • dr. Setyo Widi Nugroho, SpBS(K)
  • dr. Darma Imran, SpS(K)
  • Ahmad Arisa
  • Eka Susanto
  • Yudi
  • Satrio Utomo


  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Herbal medicine in Neuroscience
  • Utilization of stem cell in Neuroscience and Brain Development
  • Brain Development in Children



  • IMERI secretary : Nastasia
  • Multi discipline: psychiatrists (3), neurologist (2), anatomy pathologist (2), neuro-surgeon (3), forensic (1), neuroscientist (1).
  • Consultant: Boy Sabarguna

Development Plan:

  • Recruiting cluster secretary (S2-MBA), laboratory &  IT technician (D3)
  • Other specialist doctors: child & adolescence, geriatrician, biologist, biochemist, imunologist, rehab, physiologist, clinical pathologist, etc.

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