Medical Museum

Drug development cluster is a multidisciplinary research group originating from Faculty of Medicines Universitas Indonesia, collaborates into developing lead compounds as candidates of drugs. The search for the new drug candidate we use are through genomic and of non-genomic approach. Lead compounds tested can be obtained from medicinal plants or from the known synthetic compounds that will be tested for certain desired mechanism of actions. The testing of new drug candidates generally involves the testing of compounds to in vitro target, followed by animal models for the pharmacology and toxicity testing. Afterwards, clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients will be conducted to prove the efficacy and safety of the drug candidates.


The museum will become a national referral medical museum, a place of learning and education in the field of health and medical sciences.


  1. Documenting the history of medical education in Indonesia.
  2. Save and preserve the historical object of medical education in Indonesia.
  3. Provide continuous health information and education for the general public, medical society and health society.
  4. Inform the newest research and technological development in the field of health and medical sciences done by FMUI.
  5. Collect the preparations of anatomy and pathological anatomy, and rare preparation of histology, biology, microbiology, and/or parasitology.


  • Design: modern and interactive
  • Activity: non profit
  • Scope: Education in health and medical sciences
  • Area of specialties:
    • Medical Education Journey in Indonesia
    • Health Education
    • Collection of Medical Specimens

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