Human Nutrition


The most recent Indonesian national data demonstrated that cardiovascular diseases constituted the major leading cause of death in Indonesia. Lifestyle, the most modifiable factor, has been strong determinants of chronic diseases, and food and nutrition constitute important elements of lifestyle factor. On the other hand, prevalence of child stunting and certain micronutrient deficiencies remain high in Indonesia. Recent evidence from observational and experimental studies links adverse exposures in early life, particularly relating to under-and over-nutrition and specific nutrition deficiencies or excess, to chronic disease susceptibility in adulthood. These studies provide the foundation and framework for the relatively new field of developmental origins of health and disease. Therefore, strategic entry points for research in Human Nutrition Cluster should address the following conundrums:
  1. Specific ethnics have different body constitution and dietary pattern, which leads to different degrees of risk for the development of chronic diseases.
  2. Early life nutrition and subsequently obesogenic environment increase the risk of chronic disease of future generation.
  3. Advancements in food and nutrition sciences have shown that ethnic diversity with its genetic variations contributes to different responses to dietary interventions.
  4. Diversity of Indonesian nutritional resources should be explored in an advanced manner, aiming at identifying protective foods and nutrition for health and disease prevention.
Strategic policies should be undertaken to control tobacco use, improve dietary factor and physical inactivity. Objective-oriented health policy requires strong research foundation which has substantial contribution to evidence-based policy development. As a leading Research University, Universitas Indonesia, with its health and biomedical elements should take leading roles in directing the national evidence-based policy development, aiming at achieving health for Indonesian™. The establishment of Human Nutrition Research Center within the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, will serve as a strategic point for the development of innovative approach to improve nutritional status and disease prevention through protective foods and nutrition.
In this research group, a number of experts comprehensively conduct research in nutrition topics, including :
  • Pre-conception and conception nutrition
  • Diagnostic and interventional nutrition
  • Nutrition for infants
  • Nutrition in eating disorder
  • Nutrition for children
  • Nutrition for exercise and physical work
  • Nutrition for teenagers
  • Nutrition for bone health
  • Nutrition for adults
  • Nutrition for health of mouth and teeth
  • Nutrition in degenerative process
  • Medical nutrition therapy for respective clinical problems
  • Community Nutrition
  • Genomic Nutrition
  • Interaction between nutrition and drug



Top center of excellence and self-reliant leader in Human Nutrition Research in the Asia Pacific Region by year 2025.


Promote health and disease prevention through comprehensive exploration of protective nutrition and energy metabolism within the diverse genetic variations and dietary pattern of populations.


  1. Provide scientific foundation for the development of evidence and value-based health care policies (2015-2020)
  2. Provide strong infrastructures for continuous capacity development and strengthening (2017-2022).
  3. Initiating innovative and translational research (2019-2024)
  4. Serve as the leading reference for research in the field of human nutrition (2021-2025).


The Human Nutrition Research Center focuses on 6 major activities, namely:

  1. Body composition and weight management
  2. Early life nutrition and chronic diseases
  3. Nutrigenomics and epigenetics
  4. Diet, gut inflammation and microbiota
  5. Bioavailability of micronutrients
  6. Foods and health

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