Human Genetic

Research activities in both fields will be stressed upon the definitive diagnosis certain diseases. Definitive diagnosis is made up to chromosomal and molecular level by utilizing the metabolomic and molecular cytogenetic examination.


Cluster of Human Genetic becomes a Medical Genetic Research Center in Indonesia equipped with internationally accredited cytogenetic and metabolomics laboratory facilities.


To increase research quantity and quality in Medical Genetics based on cytogenetic and metabolic laboratory, functioning as a scientific base for managing patients of Clinical Genetics cases.


  • Dr. dr. Damayanti Rusli Sjarif, Sp.A.(K)
  • Prof. Purnomo Soeharso, Ph.D.
  • Prof.dr. Suzanna Immanuel, SpPK(K)
  • Dr. dr. Ina S. Timan, Sp.P.(K)
  • dr. Yulia Ariani, Sp.A.
  • Drs. Dwi Ari pujianto, MS., Ph.D
  • dr.Titis Prawitasari, Sp.A(K)
  • dr. Mercy Monica Pasaribu, SpPK
  • dr. Lanny Christine Gultom, SpA
  • Klara Yulianti
  • Amarudin


  • Fluorescent Microscope + Karyotyping Software
  • Culture room (BSL II)
  • LC MS/MS

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