Human Cancer

Indonesia as a developing country with a population the fourth largest in the world is certainly faced with a variety of health problems. One of the health problems are an increasing number of cancer. According to the basic health research (RISKESDAS) in 2013, the prevalence of cancer in Indonesia is 1.4 per mil. This disease affects nearly all age groups and has been one cause of death in Indonesia. The prevalence of the disease is estimated to be increasing over time, so that the epidemiological burden of cancer will be an additional burden for Indonesia, which today still battling other diseases.

University of Indonesia as one of the nation’s center of cultural knowledge, must also have played a role in addressing health problems, especially the problem of cancer in Indonesia. Therefore, formed Cluster Cancer Research Center in an effort to increase the motivation and cooperation in the field of research, especially oncology.



Menjadi pusat penelitian multidisiplin di bidang onkologi yang terdepan di Indonesia


  • Melaksanakan riset klinis, laboratorium, epidemiologi dan lain lain di bidang onkologi
  • Melakukan riset operasional yang dapat digunakan untuk mendukung penetapan standar pengobatan kanker di Indonesia
  • Memberikan wadah bagi peneliti untuk melakukan penelitian di bidang kanker
  • Mempererat kerjasama riset Universitas Indonesia dengan Institusi lain




Tim peneliti




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