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Digital Library Education Cluster has focus on giving an excellent services in education and conducted research to make sure every programme  reach its objectives. Digital Library has values which are to be a Medical and Health Information Resources, and also has a role as aIMERI-UI’s Knowledge Management.


To become World class library with service excellence that capable of supporting all activities of existing clusters in IMERI


  1. To be a library with international standard
  2. To be a reference center for research data in medical science to be used nationally and internationally
  3. To be an easy to access library every where and any time, not only for FMUI stakeholder but also for public and research use



  • Online resources: journals, e-book, multimedia books, audio books, videos, symposium and workshop documentation, thesis, dissertations, lectures, speech, electronic laboratory documents, electronic cases
  • Printed/non digital resources: journals, books, magazines
  • Online catalogue (provided in separate computers)
  • Online book and digital resources reservations with authorization
  • Computer room (with computers connected to internet for accessing online and offline materials)
  • Reading rooms and study rooms (desk, electricity sources, computers/laptops with internet connection, internet cable connection in each desk)
  • Production room (for digitalization and multimedia authorization and publishing resources within the digital library system)

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not spam in any ways.

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