Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) focuses on Innovation in medical education and research. It is an independent Indonesian Research Institute positioned within the framework of the Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Indonesia. IMERI has a Board of Directors, that is integrally responsible for IMERI. The Board of Directors is supervised by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI) and a Board of Trustees, all together they are responsible for the Governance code and for its execution.

  1. Board of Directors is responsible and is authorized to direct IMERI as a research institution. The Board of Directors is integrally responsible for IMERI as an independent research institution within the framework of FKUI. The Board of Directors is responsible for realizing IMERI’s mission and goals, to formulate, define and implement its strategies and policies, results derived from these strategies and policies, and for the quality and security of the activities involved.
  2. Various tasks can be defined and assigned to individual members of the board such that it is clear which board member is directly and primarily involved and responsible for which domain of IMERI’s functioning. This division of tasks does not, however, limit or in any way diminish the shared responsibility of all members of the Board to oversee and assure the proper functioning of IMERI as a whole.
  3. The Board of Directors of IMERI is accountable to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Indonesia and its Board of Trustees. Formally, the Dean of the Faculty, is primarily accountable for IMERI and acts as the chairperson of IMERI’s Board of Trustees.
  4. The Dean FKUI and the Board of Trustees are responsible for the continuous supervision of all that concerns the functioning of IMERI. The Board of Directors are to avoid any (suspicion of) conflicts of interests of any kind or any (suspicion of) personal privileges of any kind between themselves and IMERI
  5. The Administrative Regime of IMERI stipulates which decisions of the Board of Director require preauthorisation by the Dean and its Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors will focus its activities on the realization of IMERI’s vision and strategy, and the short term and long term objectives and goals derived from it. The Board will carefully consider the interests of its Stakeholders within and outside Universitas Indonesia
  6. The Board of Directors will be responsible for properly managing and controlling the risks involved in their strategic decisions and in the implementation of IMERI’s policies by its collaborators and personnel.
  7. The Board of Directors will also assure that personnel of IMERI or others that have a contractual relationship with IMERI can safely report irregularities of general, operational or financial nature, such that their own position is not endangered.
  8. The Board of Directors will follow proper procedures in making their decisions according to a preauthorised Administrative Regime.
  9. The Board of Directors will timely inform the Dean & Board of Trustees about all issues relevant for the proper execution of the function of the Dean’s Board of Trustees tasks regarding IMERI.
  10. IMERI will communicate on a regular basis with relevant stakeholders. The Board of Directors decides and the Dean & Board of Trustees agree who are designated stakeholders of IMERI, and how and about which items these stakeholders will be informed and consulted regarding the policies and their execution by IMERI. Each year a document will be published by IMERI’s Board of Directors
  11. Financial transactions by IMERI will only be performed within the goals and responsibilities of IMERI. IMERI’s financial control and reports will be integrated with those of the Faculty of Medicine, and, thus, indirectly with those of the Universitas Indonesia.